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Match Report:

OCCA-WL-2015-Match-2-Tigers CC vs Irvine CC/2015-12-06


Reported ByIrvineCC Admin

The second match of the Winter League started on a nice a perfect day for a day of cricket. ICC was put into bat by Tigers CC. ICC's internal target was decided at 150 runs. ICC openers Saravanan and Prithpal started with a bang, flooding the field with boundaries by Sarvanan. Prithpal’s cover drive which was effortless, made it to the ropes with not a single player allowed to move from his place, such was the finesse of that shot. ICC lost its 1st wicket of Prithpal to be replaced by Abdul. Shortly, Saravanan was swept off the feet with one the best balls of the game from Tigers team, a delight to the bowler yorking Saravanan and getting his stumps. Kaushik joined Abdul and both built a strong 66-run partnership in 7.1 overs and at 15 overs ICC was 121 runs with contributions of 51 runs from Abdul and 21 from Kaushik. ICC was able to pile up a total of 144 runs for 8 wickets. The unwanted sledging continued from Tigers, but, did not deter the ICC players.

ICC started the bowling with Hari giving away more runs than expected in the first over. A quick bowling change from Hari to Kaushik eased the situation and the pacers were bowling until over 5. Considering the runs ramp up by Tigers, the ICC captain Abdul brought in the spin duo Bhupi and Sangat to put clamps to Tigers scoring. Bhupi got Ali caught by Abdul which gave ICC its first break. Sangat complimented Bhupi by getting Saurab to a towering catch which was none less than spectacular taken by Amit. The ball had gone to the moon and when it reached earth Amit was there to say Thank you and take it. Tigers captain Nithin looked promising but just in his mind and by the time he was able to settle down, he fell cheaply to Bhupi’s bolwing for a catch taken by Saravanan. Prior to his dismiss Sabir stopped a full blown shot which was almost a catch.

After 8 overs off Bhupi and Sangat together, the match was far from being won and ICC had to make a decision to bowl a person who had the ace but not the pace. Captain signaled Sanjay to get the ball to his hand, Sanjay walked in with his calm and cool composure and like he had made a deal with Hari at point got Vinond and Pawan. Abhisek walked in with a huge responsibility to get Tigers past the finish line; however he had challenges in connecting the ball to the ropes as ICC had plugged those holes. Amit saved atleast 4 boundaries in spite of the non-stop sledging from the Tigers at the boundary. The match was even poised and within the reach of Tigers till the last 2 overs. Then, came a superb over 19 from Sanjay making the batsman make that connection difficult and capitalize. The ball was entrusted to Kaushik with 16 runs as a target in the last over, the 1st ball was awesome shot clearing the ropes for a 6 and Tigers had to get 10 out of 5 balls. Kaushik came back the very next ball with a ball that clipped Abhishek to be taken by WK. The cheering had stopped from the boundary from the Tigers team and ICC clinched victory with 6 runs to spare.

The entire match was sheer team work of ICC players conduct and performance on the field.

Abdul, the captain of the Irvine CC was adjudged the Man of the Match for his 51 runs off just 36 deliveries that included 4 fours, 1 five, and 3 sixes.


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